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About Us

Our Online shop MY SHOPPING MALL was launged in 2018 by me and my husband.

Me being a plus size myself and always  have trouble finding the right clothes to wear, even going to the beach was a headace that is when we decided to create this store.

You will find we also cater for the expecting momters out there where you can sit in the comfort of your home and shop online.  I personaly dont like to drive 10min to find a parking spot at the mall and then walk for an hour to not find any clothes that i like and if you find it you pay very expensive.  That is when i found online shopping works for me it is a time saver and money saver and what i order will be delivered to my doorstep.

We hope you will enjoy our online store and hope to hear from you soon.


My Shopping Mall offers the Plus Size Women a huge choise in fuller figure colthing. We Also have Maternty and Baby Colletions for the expecting Mom out there. Your One Stop Online Shoppin Mall